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Our culture

PriceMetrix is a culture of passionate individuals who build great products and services for the wealth management community. We are motivated innovators who challenge the status quo. This is how we created a suite of revolutionary solutions that are unique in our industry.

Our solutions give users the power to make data-driven decisions by giving them accurate, actionable and intuitive data in a self-service environment. Using PriceMetrix gives our users a clear picture of how their decisions compare to others at the firm, and across the industry.

This doesn’t come by playing catch up; it comes through forging our own path. If you are an ambitious, out-of-the-box thinker who thrives on the question “why not”, then you’d fit right in.

At PriceMetrix, we believe:

  • That deeply served, fully satisfied clients drive business growth
  • That better decisions and better outcomes are made by replacing beliefs and biases with data
  • That successful relationships are built on transparency, openness and sharing of information

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Why you should work here

You can enjoy a wide range of benefits while working for PriceMetrix.

Our Professional Investment in you

Development and growth is a way of life at PriceMetrix. In addition to the opportunity to work with a group of highly skilled professionals, employees participate in many development and training opportunities including:

  • a rigorous onboarding program aimed at learning about our products, our clients and our business;
  • annual professional development program empowering employees to take charge of their own training agenda and seek external sources of expertise
  • advanced technical environment – work with leading edge technologies
  • in-house subject matter expertise; in-depth learning opportunities about what we do and the business problems that we solve for our clients

Our Personal Investment in you

In addition to challenging and meaningful work, we provide resources to help you to give back to your community, connect with other members of the team, and grow in your personal development. Resources offered to PriceMetrix employees include furthering these objectives include:

  • two paid days per year to volunteer in support of community initiatives and outreach;
  • a number of company sponsored social activities to promote camaraderie and team building;
  • personal development budget to assist employees in the purchase of items such as technology and computer equipment, health club memberships, home internet access, and more.

Meet our Team

Have we mentioned how awesome our team members are?

  • Mike

    Mike G.

    Data Analyst
    When did you start at PriceMetrix?

    In June of 2015.

    What appealed to you about working here?

    Big data and predictive analytics have always intrigued me, and working at PriceMetrix has given me deeper insight into how aggregated data can be a main driver for decision-making when growing any type of business.

    What should someone know about PriceMetrix before joining our company?

    At PriceMetrix, people are always encouraged to go the extra mile.

    My dream vacation is....

    It’s a toss-up between back-packing in Rome, or back-packing through Spain. The cultured side in me wants to go back to Rome and soak up the culture and rich history of the eternal city. The foodie in me wants to try authentic tapas, paella and churros of Madrid and Barcelona.

    If a movie was made about your life, who would play you?

    Liam Neeson, of course. Aside from the uncanny physical similarities, I think he can best capture the intense and complex personality which I sometimes tend to think I have.

  • quazi bkgr

    Quazi A.

    Data Analyst
    When did you start at PriceMetrix?

    I started in January of 2017.

    What do you do at PriceMetrix?

    I act as a voice for our clients so that the products that we develop serve their purpose and truly meet our clients' requirements. At the end of the development stages, I make sure that what we are delivering is the best quality.

    Three dinner party guests of your dreams (living or dead)

    The happy “me” from my childhood, my beautiful mom when she was in her 20’s, and last but not the least, the wise version of my daughter in her 30’s.

    My dream vacation is...

    Santorini, Greece

    What adjectives best describe you

    Optimistic, sincere but not too serious

  • Ryan

    Ryan V.

    Product Manager
    When did you start at PriceMetrix?

    I've been working at PriceMetrix since 2011.

    Describe your career path since you started at PriceMetrix?

    I started as a Client Analyst, doing data analysis to help solve client problems. Then I joined the Product Management team as a Business Analyst, defining business requirements for our software products. Now I’m a Senior Product Manager.

    What appealed to you about working here?

    I was excited by the opportunity to use data and analytics to help people answer their important questions. I think that’s the core of what we do every day at PriceMetrix.

    Best thing about working at PriceMetrix?

    For me, the best thing about working at PriceMetrix, is having frequent opportunities to challenge myself and develop new skills. The culture is very supportive of continued learning, and there are lots of chances to take initiative and try something you haven’t done before.

    My dream vacation is...

    Probably Mars. Or, if I can’t afford that, somewhere with beautiful history and extremely spicy food.