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How to describe PriceMetrix

PriceMetrix is a fast growing software company, specializing in the application of data and analytics to the wealth management industry . PriceMetrix collects and analyzes wealth management data with a mission to improve the business performance of wealth management firms and their financial advisors while creating a better client experience.

Company background

PriceMetrix, the first choice in practice intelligence solutions for wealth management in North America, was founded in 2000. Over 20 clients and tens of thousands of financial advisors are currently using PriceMetrix in order to gain better visibility and transparency into industry best practices.

With PriceMetrix, advisors and firms are able to identify and action growth opportunities leading to improvements in both productivity and client experience . PriceMetrix combines the power of market data and advanced business intelligence into one integrated platform. The firm’s data-driven offerings include ValueOne, FeeCheck and CommissionCheck. PriceMetrix also offers its Advisory Services to wealth management firms.

PriceMetrix enjoys a highly satisfied user base – 94% of PriceMetrix users would recommend PriceMetrix to others.

PriceMetrix was co-founded by Doug Trott and Patrick Kennedy, both with backgrounds working within the retail wealth management industry. They founded the company to help financial professionals build great client relationships and great businesses.

Since then PriceMetrix has evolved into something bigger. By leveraging its robust aggregated data set, PriceMetrix provides advisors and firms with insight and decision making capabilities across a number of different areas of their business.

PriceMetrix holds a number of patents and combines its process for collecting and classifying data with proprietary measures of revenue, assets, and households to create the most exclusive retail wealth management database available today.

PriceMetrix products

ValueOne™ is our flagship business solution that gives wealth management firms and their advisors business intelligence like no other. It allows advisors to identify and action growth  opportunities, by providing insight into the dimensions of their business that are lagging behind their peers and top performers.

CommissionCheck™ is an action tool that is integrated into a retail brokerage firm’s or third  party order entry system that shows advisors how their proposed equity trade commission compares to others at their firm and across the industry.

FeeCheck™ is a decision support tool that shows advisors how their proposed pricing for fee and managed business compares to others at their firm and across the industry. FeeCheck™ can be integrated with a firm’s proprietary technology, third  party vendors or securely accessed through the PriceMetrix Advisor Workstation.

PriceMetrix AdvisoryServices leverages the proprietary and exclusive PriceMetrix database of over 60,000 books of business in North America. Some of our popular services include pricing benchmarking, commission schedule redesign and advisor & branch manager compensation design.

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