This strategic relationship enables FolioDynamix’ client base of wealth management firms, investment advisors and financial consultants to access real-time PriceMetrix pricing intelligence directly within the FolioDynamix FDx SingleSight wealth management platform. As a result, FolioDynamix clients are able to make more educated pricing decisions when proposing an investment program and trading commission-based accounts.

This pricing intelligence, powered by PriceMetrix’ CommissionCheck™ and FeeCheck™, will allow investment advisors and financial consultants to easily compare their transactional and fee pricing to their peers and the market at large. These products will be directly integrated into the workflow of the order entry system for their transactional business or the proposal generation process for their fee-based business.

Now, advisors using the FDx SingleSightSM platform will be able to gauge their rates compared to other advisors based on the size of the account, the overall client relationship, and the types of products being used at the time they are opening an account.
-Joseph Mrak, President and CEO of FolioDynamix