Drill Down to View All Accounts for a Household

February 13, 2017

Increase your efficiency with this new ValueOne feature: You can now drill down to view all the accounts for a household from both the “My Lists Households” and the “Client Dashboard”.

To access this feature through the “My Lists Household” screen, click on the hyperlinked number of accounts in the “Number of Accounts” column.

Households 2

You may have to configure your “My Lists Households” screen so that the “Number of Accounts” column appears. To do this, click on “Add/ Remove Columns.” Scroll down the list of measures and select the “Number of Accounts” option.

number of accounts

To access this feature through the “Client Dashboard”, click on the hyperlinked number next to “Accounts”:

client dashboard 17

When you click on these hyperlinks, you’ll be able to quickly see all the accounts in that household:

list 17

Use this new feature when preparing for client meetings to quickly:

  • See if you can deepen that relationship. For instance, do they have a retirement account with you? Retirement accounts are one of the best indicators of a deep client relationship.
  • Determine if you are the right fit for that client. Would they be better served by a different channel?