PriceMetrix Rolls Out ValueOne 3.0 – Next Generation Analytics for Wealth Management

New Analytical Application Enables Financial Advisors and Their Firms to Uncover New Opportunities To Grow Their Businesses and Improve Client Experience

May 26, 2015, Toronto, ON – PriceMetrix, the industry leader in practice management analytics software, today unveiled the newest version of ValueOne, the company’s turnkey solution enabling financial advisors, their managers and their firms to identify new business opportunities and get actionable information aimed at making the most of these possibilities. ValueOne 3.0 gives FAs access to an unprecedented amount of industry data, along with the analytical tools necessary to drill down and focus on the best opportunities.

“ValueOne 3.0 is an incredibly powerful tool for advisors and their firms giving them more data and better access to all of it than ever before,” commented Doug Trott, President and CEO of PriceMetrix. “Our new interface was designed with the busy advisor in mind – allowing them to quickly and easily tap into prescriptive insights that will materially help them grow their businesses.”

ValueOne 3.0 gives advisors and their firms access to industry data encompassing the practices and performance of over 40,000 financial advisors.  Users can compare their own practices to their peers, others at their firm, and industry-wide, allowing them to quickly spot opportunities and chart their own best paths with personalized, dynamic views.  For example, an advisor with significant assets may be experiencing slower growth than other, similarly sized practices.  Digging deeper, they may learn they have lower levels of client retention than expected.  ValueOne 3.0 shows an advisor how they compare to others like them, giving them meaningful, relevant comparisons from which to draw conclusions.

“Our data shows that users of ValueOne grow faster and have higher levels of client retention,” commented Mr. Trott. “The business strategies that ValueOne enables advisors to develop and execute, including customer segmentation, pricing, client service, transitioning to fee, and teaming, are all proven to create better investor experiences.”

One of the key new capabilities of ValueOne 3.0 is the seamlessness with which an advisor or manager can navigate through different levels of their business and gain actionable insight.  For example, an advisor may see that their pricing is high or low relative to industry peers, and can with one click see the same view across various client segments, and then easily access a specific client relationship.  ValueOne 3.0 gives users both the context and insights necessary to determine a strategy, as well as the tools necessary to deploy the tactics required for successful implementation.

“ValueOne 3.0 doesn’t just expose areas of opportunity, it gives our advisors actionable information which they can use to change and build their businesses,” said Jim Allen, Chairman and CEO of Hilliard Lyons, who participated in a beta release of ValueOne 3.0. “We are extremely pleased to be able to provide our advisors access to a product which enables them to optimize their books, deliver more value to clients and grow faster using analytics-driven industry best practices.”

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PriceMetrix is the first choice in practice management software for North American wealth managers. Our solutions leverage data science, analytics and industry benchmarking to help advisors and their firms better serve their clients and grow their businesses.

PriceMetrix directly measures aggregated data representing 10 million investors, $4 trillion in investment assets, 500 million transactions, and 2.5 million fee-based accounts.  PriceMetrix combines its patented process for collecting and classifying data, with proprietary measures of revenue, assets, and households to create the largest and most insightful retail wealth management dataset available today.

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