At PriceMetrix we are committed to ensuring advisors have the most insightful and actionable information available to help them build thriving wealth management practices. Our advanced business intelligence tools and dashboards are made much more powerful with specifically identified opportunities and actions.

Our market-leading products are exclusively designed for the investment industry, and can help advisors:

  • Improve their productivity
  • Grow assets and revenues
  • Improve client experience
  • Improve confidence in what they’re doing
  • Be in-control of their business strategy

Moreover, our products allow firms to more tightly connect their policies to advisor actions. PriceMetrix gives you and your advisors the ability to have a real understanding of what works and what doesn’t; and the fact that we’re both expert and objective gives us the one-up to ensure that you, your advisors, and your clients do well.

Our methodology


PriceMetrix provides you with personalized business intelligence and market insight at both the advisor and manager level. With an in-depth and timely view of your business and how it compares to others, you can make sure you’re not falling behind.


PriceMetrix helps you find opportunities within specific areas of your book. We prioritize the actions that are most likely to contribute to the overall health of your business.


We help you take action on the opportunities you have identified quickly and easily. Opportunities are tracked right down to the household level, and users can learn best practices from advisors who’ve done it before.

Our products help you achieve not just one breakthrough, but many!

Our products


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Our technology

Our platform has all the scalability, security, and reliability you’d expect from an enterprise financial services system that serves some of the largest and most demanding environments in North America.

As a hosted solution, we custody the data required to operate all PriceMetrix products, and we house and maintain a web-based portal providing users secure access to all our information and tools. Our integration process makes it easy for clients to source, extract and set up regular transfer of a set of standard data elements that are easily accessible in most brokerage back office environments.