Gain insightful guidance that delivers measurable value

PriceMetrix goes beyond typical advisory consulting and helps ensure successful design and execution of your pricing and compensation policies  while keeping investor interest top of mind. The marriage of expert guidance with the only available North American wealth management data set, allows you to benefit by understanding what others have done, where you stand out, what has worked and what hasn’t.

We apply our unique market insight and industry know-how to help achieve your goals.

Our clients use our services to benchmark their advisor’s compensation plan against the industry, understand how their fee-based and equity pricing stacks up against the market, assess risks in their business and whether their programs are delivering results for advisors and their clients. PriceMetrix can help you understand all this and more.

Most importantly – our insights are based on fact. And our facts are based on the most comprehensive and exclusive source of retail brokerage data in North America.

Some of our popular services include:

  • Pricing benchmarking
  • Commission schedule design
  • Compliance risk assessment
  • Advisor & branch manager compensation design
  • Predicting future advisor production and growth

The insights provided by our experienced team and one-of-a-kind data set will give you the confidence that your plans will be well informed, well designed and well received.

Find out how PriceMetrix AdvisoryServices can work for you

Wealth Management Firms

Our fact-based advisory services help wealth management firms build programs that achieve results. The PriceMetrix approach focuses on creating incremental growth for firms, as well as improved advisor adoption.

PriceMetrix has an extensive track record in wealth management, exclusive access to insightful industry data and next-generation capabilities to meet today’s challenges. We have assisted many wealth management firms in the United States and Canada by providing timely, innovative insights and services to enable faster-growing, more productive businesses geared toward delivering a premium client experience.

Our deep domain expertise allows us to deliver high impact, deployable results on a timely and cost-effective basis. Use PriceMetrix for smarter, better informed policy design.