Make informed pricing decisions for commission-based relationships

Financial advisors often struggle with determining a fair price for the service they deliver, and they rarely understand how their pricing compares to that of their peers.

CommissionCheck™ by PriceMetrix solves this challenge by allowing financial advisors to determine a fair price for equity trades that reflects the value they deliver to their clients.

Using the fact-based pricing intelligence available in CommissionCheck™, advisors can take control of their transactional pricing, and gain confidence that their pricing is fair, reflects the value of their service and brand, and is applied consistently across their business.

Helping you price with confidence

The CommissionCheck™ application is powered by the normalized and anonymous commissionable equity transaction data of thousands of full-service investment advisors. It gives you powerful benchmark data that leads to better pricing decisions.

This is an example of the insights CommissionCheck displays after an advisor enters key details about their trade.

Find out how CommissionCheck™ can work for you

Wealth Management Firms

CommissionCheck™ ensures that financial advisors make more informed equity commission pricing decisions, and gain the confidence to price fairly while delivering optimal service to their clients. Its location and ease-of-use make CommissionCheck™ highly visible and effective leading to wide adoption and immediate positive impact.

Financial Advisors

By tapping into the CommissionCheck™ data set, you will know exactly what others have charged for business just like yours. CommissionCheck™ is easy to use. Your regular order entry workflow will tell CommissionCheck™ everything it needs to know to produce the benchmark intelligence. No typing, no extra clicks!

Talk to your firm to find out how you can get access to CommissionCheck™.