Make informed pricing decisions for fee and managed business

The wealth management industry is increasingly turning to fee-based products as a means to build their business and better serve their clients, yet firms and advisors lack a true market reference point from which to price their services. FeeCheck™ by PriceMetrix solves this challenge by ensuring financial advisors and firms realize their value while fostering productive and long-term relationships with their clients.

By accessing the extensive comparative data available through FeeCheck™, advisors and firms know how they are pricing their services relative to their industry peers.

Helping you price right, for every relationship

The FeeCheck™ application is powered by the anonymous fee and managed account pricing history of thousands of full-service investment advisors. It gives you powerful benchmark data that leads to better pricing decisions.

The main page of our FeeCheck Enterprise product, displaying an overview of the firm's fee pricing.

Find out how FeeCheck™ can work for you

Wealth Management Firms

Using the PriceMetrix data set and patented benchmarking methodology, FeeCheck Enterprise eliminates the guesswork executives face when pricing their fee-based business.  Our interactive and intuitive dashboard makes it easy to assess the growth potential and competitiveness of your firm.

With FeeCheck Enterprise, you can:

    • Analyze your firm’s fee-based pricing relative to the industry across a number of dimensions like product type, household size and asset mix
    • Ensure your firm’s schedule is reflective of your competitive positioning
    • Identify where you are pricing too high or too low, relative to the industry
    • Pinpoint which product groups are driving your firm’s fee growth
    • See your fee rate distribution across products and compare to industry rate dispersion
    • Analyze how the industry may be responding to regulatory changes
    • Determine how your firm’s new fee accounts are priced in comparison to industry peers and to older fee accounts
    • Uncover longer term pricing trends
    • Drill down to micro-segments to identify and act on pricing opportunities

Financial Advisors

By tapping into the FeeCheck™ data set, you will know exactly what others have charged for similar services. FeeCheck™ is easy to use and easily accessed during the proposal generation process.  Enter a few simple facts about the relationship and account, and the FeeCheck™ engine does all the work to calculate meaningful, actionable pricing intelligence. No extra typing, no extra clicks!

Talk to your firm to find out how you can get access to FeeCheck™.