Make informed pricing decisions for fee and managed business

More and more financial advisors are turning to fee-based products as a means to build their business and better serve their clients, yet they lack a true market reference point from which to price their services. FeeCheck™ by PriceMetrix solves this challenge by ensuring financial advisors realize their value while fostering productive and long-term relationships with their clients.

By accessing the extensive comparative data available through FeeCheck™, advisors  know if they are fairly pricing their services relative to their industry peers.

This fact-based pricing intelligence allows advisors to price their fee-based accounts in an informed manner, especially at the start of the relationship.

Helping you price right, for every relationship

The FeeCheck™ application is powered by anonymous fee and managed account pricing history of more than 40,000 full service investment advisors. It gives you powerful benchmark data that leads to better pricing decisions.

Find out how FeeCheck™ can work for you

Wealth Management Firms

FeeCheck™ ensures that financial advisors make more informed pricing decisions on fee and managed accounts and  gain the confidence to price appropriately while delivering optimal service to their clients.

FeeCheck™ can be used as a stand-alone application, or it can be integrated directly into your proposal generation system or fee calculator solution. In addition, FeeCheck™ can be installed centrally, to ensure that your fee schedules are competitive and market informed, and that your pricing approval process is informed by credible industry pricing data.

Financial Advisors

By tapping into the FeeCheck™ data set, you will know exactly what others have charged for business just like yours. FeeCheck™ is easy to use and easily accessed during the proposal generation process.  Enter a few simple facts about the relationship and account, and the FeeCheck™ engine does all the work to produce appropriate benchmark intelligence. No extra typing, no extra clicks!

Talk to your firm to find out how you can get access to FeeCheck™.