Product News

ValueOne 4.5

Coming this spring, ValueOne users can look forward to more enhancements including more column totals on My Lists and more intuitive, better looking screens.

New totals for columns on the My Lists page

We’ve added totals to more columns on the My Lists page. In addition to the current totals provided for Assets and Revenue, totals will be provided for Age (average) and for Is Core and Is Priority (percentage).


ValueOne 3.4

We’ve just released version 3.4 of ValueOne, our flagship product for the wealth management industry. This release comes with new features and enhancements that will help you build great client relationships and great businesses.

Highlights from this release include:

Improved Search Capabilities in My Lists

We’ve made it easier to search for account numbers and household names.

And when applying filters using the ‘filter by’ feature:

Share Saved Lists

Share a link to your preferred view of My Lists data with your colleagues. When you share the link the recipient will see data based on their access but with your filtering, columns and sort order applied. This is a great way to ensure that your team is all focusing on the same thing.


More Drill Down Capabilities for Head Office Users

Head office users can now navigate to region and branch level scorecards directly from My Lists to easily view details for a particular region or branch.







A Redesigned Report Archive Page

The Report Archive page has been redesigned so you can quickly sort by any column header to find the reports you need.


Access to PriceMetrix Insights Whitepapers

Access the research available in the PriceMetrix Insights Whitepapers directly from the ‘More’ menu in the ValueOne application.