Get an accurate view of your firm’s risk landscape

SignalOne is an innovative conduct risk solution that makes it easier for wealth management firms to anticipate key risk factors. Leveraging our unparalleled industry data network and configurable risk measures, we compare your firm’s data to industry benchmarks to identify anomalies and uncover potential risks across your client base.

With just a few clicks, you can get a bird’s eye view of your firm’s conduct risk factors — then zoom in for a more detailed understanding of the specific factors driving your risk score.

Our intelligent solution eliminates the need for manual upfront work and enables effective collaboration with regulators.

With changing regulatory frameworks, we know what your compliance officers need to take a proactive approach to conduct risk management.

Reveal your firm’s blind spots

SignalOne calibrates risk measurements based on industry norms, avoiding the internal cultural norms and biases that can compromise firm-based parameters. What’s more, we look across time periods to track conduct risk that may accumulate — or be missed by spot-based systems.

The main page of our SignalOne product, displaying a low risk score for the firm.

Find out how SignalOne by PriceMetrix can work for you

With SignalOne, wealth management firms can tap into data representing 12 million retail investors, one billion transactions, and $6 trillion in investment assets to understand exactly how their key risk factors stack up industry-wide. SignalOne enables firms to identify, mitigate, and manage potential anomalies.

Our interactive and intuitive dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your firm’s conduct risk factors, including:

  • How your firm’s overall risk profile compares to the industry
  • Which branches and advisors have high potential risk
  • How your firm is trending over time
  • Which client attributes are most heavily influencing your firm’s overall risk profile

SignalOne also provides comprehensive list views at the branch, advisor and household levels allowing you to better analyze your firm’s overall risk.