Faster growth. Increased productivity. Better client experience.

Running your business without the perspective on what’s happening around you can seem a bit like working in the dark.

ValueOne™ by PriceMetrix is a turnkey application that gives firms and financial advisors actionable intelligence like no other. It turns average performers into outperformers by providing insight into the dimensions of their businesses that represent the greatest opportunity relative to their peers and top performers. By providing end-to-end visibility and granularity, advisors, managers and executives alike are able to take the actions that will most likely lead to positive outcomes.

No matter where your business is, or what your business looks like, you’re in control with ValueOne™.

It helps advisors deliver maximum value to their clients while ensuring their own long term growth. By focusing advisors on the right clients to acquire and service, the right products to offer and the right pricing strategy to put in place, advisors are able to achieve peak performance and take their business to a new level.

The Scorecard tab within PriceMetrix's flagship product ValueOne.

Discover opportunities within existing books of business

With PriceMetrix ValueOne™ you get:

  • A great perspective on your practice – what’s driving your business, where there are opportunities to improve
  • A roadmap for taking your business to the next level
  • A concrete understanding of how you stack up against your peers
  • The ability to set goals, measure success and watch your business transform over time
  • An unbiased third party review and an ongoing update of relevant information for advisors, managers and head office professionals.

Find out how ValueOne™ can work for you

With ValueOne™ you get customized intelligence for every advisor and manager’s business with the ability to benchmark against best practices, track progress against established goals and identify major opportunities.

Financial Advisors

Advisor Productivity Dashboard – Personalized business intelligence for financial advisors. The intuitive interface allows users to both set and execute various growth and client service strategies.

Expert Services – Expert advice, training, support and strategy planning delivered by results-oriented professionals with deep knowledge of the wealth management industry. These services are available to both advisors and their sales assistants, allowing them to assimilate their business intelligence into their ongoing practice management.

Branch & Regional Managers

Manager Productivity Dashboard – Personalized, business intelligence dashboards for managers which deliver a timely, in-depth view of their branch or region  at both the macro and micro levels. Views  are configured to allow the manager to provide the specific type of coaching that will provide the greatest benefit to the advisor.

Expert Services – Expert advice, training, support and strategy planning delivered by results-oriented professionals with deep knowledge of the wealth management industry to support the manager in leveraging the business intelligence and providing actionable guidance and leadership to advisors.


Customized Engagement That Reflects Your Business and Strategies – PriceMetrix will work with your leadership team to configure a suite of analytics that reflects your strategy, products, naming conventions, and goals. In addition, your firm will have access to a dedicated client service team and client support access through dedicated telephone and email service providers.

Head Office Productivity Dashboard – Personalized business intelligence dashboard for Head Office Executives that delivers a timely, in-depth view of your business at both the macro and micro levels. Comparisons to industry and historical performance enabling users to easily track progress, measure program effectiveness and ROI.

Quarterly Executive Reviews – Conducted by PriceMetrix, these interactive reviews include the analysis, assessment and benchmarking of enterprise-wide results to the rest of the firms on the ValueOne™ platform.