Research from PriceMetrix Reveals Advisors Continue to Favor Fewer but Deeper Client Relationships

June 20, 2016, Toronto, ON – Research conducted by PriceMetrix, the industry leader in practice management analytics software, found that in 2015 financial advisors worked with fewer clients but managed more of their assets. The findings concluded that advisors have a record high in accounts per household, and a record low of ‘single account’ households. Both indicators have improved steadily over time, suggesting that clients are embracing more comprehensive wealth management solutions from their advisors.

“In 2009, the average advisor managed about 200 household relationships and today that number is closer to 150. On the surface, it might seem that the trend of having fewer clients is a cause for concern for the wealth management industry,” said Patrick Kennedy, Chief Customer Officer at PriceMetrix. “But, in fact, advisors are choosing to deepen their client relationships with fewer clients. They are choosing quality over quantity.”

Using its database of seven million retail investors, 500 million transactions and over $3.5 trillion in investment assets, PriceMetrix also found that these deeper client relationships frequently contain retirement accounts: 74% of retail wealth relationships included a retirement account, up from 69% in 2011. This suggests a higher tendency for clients to consolidate more of their wealth with fewer providers. The presence of these accounts is also an indicator of faster growth. Advisors who grew the most in 2015 have retirement accounts in 80% of their client relationships compared to 69% of relationships for those who grew the least.
“Servicing fewer clients with a more comprehensive offering lets advisors not only better serve their existing clients, but also frees up capacity to prospect the right clients to grow their business” stated Doug Trott, President and CEO of PriceMetrix. “That is an outcome that benefits both advisors and investors.”

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