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Financial advisors today are looking for a deeper view and more control over their book of business. They want meaningful analytics and actionable insight in order to drive growth. ValueOne™ by PriceMetrix allows financial advisors to focus on areas of success and improvement, by tracking performance metrics against leaders in a given peer group or across an industry.

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More and more financial advisors are turning to fee-based products as a means to build their business and better serve their clients, yet they lack a true market reference point from which to price their services. FeeCheck™ by PriceMetrix solves this challenge by ensuring financial advisors realize their value while fostering productive and long-term relationships with their clients.

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Financial advisors often struggle with determining an appropriate price to charge for equity trades. Pricing inconsistencies in these accounts can result in lost opportunities. CommissionCheck™ by PriceMetrix solves this challenge by allowing financial advisors to determine a fair price, that better reflects the value they deliver.

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PriceMetrix goes beyond typical advisory consulting and helps ensure successful design and execution of your pricing and compensation policies. Our unique market insights are based on fact. And our facts are based on the most comprehensive and exclusive source of retail brokerage data available in North America.

Predicting Future Production

As part of our AdvisoryServices offering, PriceMetrix has developed a unique proprietary approach of predicting the future performance of advisors. Using an analytical, metrics-based approach to recruit, coach and compensate financial advisors, you can predict and drive the performance of your advisors and your firm.