Our solutions give advisors the power to make data-driven decisions by giving them accurate, actionable and intuitive data in a self-service environment. PriceMetrix paints a clear picture for advisors on how their decisions compare to others at the firm, and across the industry. That’s what we refer to as ‘the power of practice intelligence’.

So what is Practice Intelligence?

n. Practice Intelligence
[prak-tis] [in-tel-i-juhns]

Practice management, but smarter. It brings the insights derived from the only retail brokerage data set available in North America, one powered by the experience of thousands of financial advisors. You get the traditional business intelligence reports and dashboards, but made much more powerful with concrete ideas, insights and actions. Think of it as practice management, with all the benefits of business intelligence.

Our practice intelligence solutions are transforming the investment business as we know it

Users are doing more with less, delivering more to their clients, and achieving BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH.

PriceMetrix solutions allow you to:

  • Understand how to identify and build on the areas of improvement
  • Harness the collective intelligence of your organization and the market at large
  • Track and measure goals that are important to your business
  • Compare your business practices to your peers
  • Build a value proposition to differentiate your service offering
  • Feel more in control and see the results that you are creating

By bringing you comparative benchmark data, our solutions help you find opportunities by showing you what others are doing.

You can have traditional practice management or you have practice intelligence by PriceMetrix. We believe those who use our practice intelligence solutions gain a significant competitive advantage.

After all, they are IN THE KNOW.

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