Practice Management Suite

Empower your advisors to make data-driven decisions

Today’s top organizations are looking for optimal ways to gain insights from ‘big data’ in shorter reporting windows. It’s all about finding relevant data and getting to it quicker, in order to reveal previously unseen opportunities.

How does one effectively leverage practice management to transform their culture in a way that drives productivity, client satisfaction, and growth? Our dashboards, analytics and granular retail brokerage market data can help you get there:

Transform relevant data into true business actions that drive value Produce precise insights with North America’s best source of retail brokerage data
Reset the way you do business with insight delivered as part of an advisor’s workflow Quickly deploy a scalable solution built for the future

Effective action powered by insight

PriceMetrix has helped tens of thousands of Financial Advisors unlock 15% growth from their existing books of business. Use Practice Intelligence to go beyond reporting and analytics. Get immediate access to insights – spend less time searching for opportunities and more time acting on them. You can also gain more insight into what others are doing to drive more business.

We help retail brokerages and their advisors achieve breakthrough business results by solving challenges unique to the brokerage business:

  • Opportunity targeting for a better ROI on your time spent
  • Client segmentation for a more focused value proposition
  • Practice optimization for a healthier business mix
  • Pricing analysis and decision support for more informed pricing and better results
  • Peer and competitive benchmarking for better decision making and faster growth
  • Advisor effectiveness and change management for analytics that drive business results

The PriceMetrix Practice Management Suite has proven value

PriceMetrix users do better:

  • Price consistency in equities transactions and fee-based accounts
  • Higher levels of client retention
  • Productivity improvement in household size and yield
  • Faster growth with focus on the right products and clients

Make Practice Intelligence by PriceMetrix work for you. Give your firm and your advisors a greater competitive advantage.