Pricing Intelligence

Helping advisors realize their value

Today, individual investors have access to more wealth management services than ever before. At the same time, financial advisors often have conflicting information about how and how much to charge for the value they offer.   The establishment and communication of a clear and fair price is crucial in order to ensure that both advisors and investors benefit from prosperous and long term relationships.

Informed pricing decisions

Our pricing intelligence solutions give advisors visibility into industry pricing, and our segmentation tools allow advisors to easily establish and execute a pricing strategy that is clear, fair, and consistently applied.

With the ability to set and monitor price levels, advisors can ensure that both their fee-based and equity pricing are competitive and accurately reflect the value they deliver.

Pricing Intelligence helps advisors understand:

  • what their advice is worth,
  • the impact that pricing has on their production levels,
  • how they compare to other advisors with similar businesses within the firm and across the industry.

Pricing Intelligence has proven value

Our data shows that advisors who demonstrate consistency in the execution of their pricing strategy, perform better in the long run and outperform their peers. PriceMetrix users are more likely to speak confidently with their clients about the value of their services.

Talk to PriceMetrix to understand what the total ongoing benefit to your organization could look like. Give your advisors the confidence to articulate their worth and ensure their pricing is deliberate, well informed, and fair.