The State of Retail Wealth Management 2016

June 2017

In this edition of the The State of Retail Wealth, we look at the trends in the retail wealth management industry and the factors behind these trends including:

  • A second consecutive year of decline in gross production, despite record highs in assets per advisor.
  • Growth slowed by fewer new client relationships, declining trade volumes, and a reduction in price levels across fees and transactions.
  • Continuing trend of creating deeper client relationships, but working with fewer clients.
  • Further increase in the proportion of fee-based revenues and assets, with stronger growth in discretionary accounts.
  • Shifting demographics, with Baby Boomers representing the majority of industry assets under management, and weak penetration of Generations X and Y markets.

This report is based on insights drawn from PriceMetrix’s proprietary database, representing 24 North American wealth management firms, with over $5 trillion in assets under management, more than 60,000 financial advisors, 10 million retail investors and 500 million transactions. PriceMetrix’s data set, collected at the enterprise level, is the most comprehensive and granular of its kind, covering nearly one-third of retail assets managed by full service financial advisors. Unless otherwise noted, all data is reported as of December 31, 2016.

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