Teams in Retail Wealth Management

October 2015

For financial advisors, working as part of a team is more popular than ever, with 55% of advisors working within some sort of team-based arrangement. And that number is growing – there are 25% more team-based advisors today than there were in 2012. Team-based wealth advice has clearly become an important part of the wealth management landscape. The concept of working in a team environment appeals to advisors in many, and often different ways: The ability to leverage different strengths and skill sets to better take care of clients and grow the business; the discipline that working together brings in terms of setting and achieving goals; and the benefits of a built-in succession plan, where the relationships with clients are more likely to stand the test of time.

With the popularity of teams on the rise, you’ll find plenty of information about how to form partnerships and make them effective. However, very rarely are the benefits of teaming actually quantified – until now.

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