Transactional & Fee Business: How does your revenue break down?

January 17, 2018

You can use ValueOne by PriceMetrix to quickly see how your revenue breaks down between transactional and fee business. To do this:

  • Click on the Products tab in your ValueOne banner.


  • Scroll down until you see a graph titled Total Revenue on the right hand side. The bars in this graph illustrate the percentage of your 12-month revenue generated by product or account type.











  • The bars in the graph represent:
    • Transactional business like equity commissions
    • Fee-based advisory that includes revenue from non-discretionary and discretionary accounts
    • Managed business like revenue from third-party products like SMAs or UMAs
    • Transactional trailers from mutual fund trailers

The advisor in this example generates the most revenue from managed accounts (34%) while 28% is from transactional. Although there has been a growing industry and investor preference for fee-based accounts[1], only 18% of this advisor’s revenue comes from fee-based accounts. How do your numbers compare?

For more information on using this and the other features in ValueOne watch the short video tutorials available here: 


[1] The State of Retail Wealth Management, PriceMetrix, June 2017