Using the Client Segmentation Screen

January 13, 2017

Focusing on your deepest client relationships is one of the best ways to grow your business. ValueOne has a number of features that can help you do just that.
For instance, the Client Segmentation Screen can help you quickly see which of the households in your book provide the most value to your business.

Log into ValueOne and click on the Client Segmentation tab at the top of the screen.

client segmentation highlighted


This will give you your Household Summary list. You’ll quickly be able to see your most productive client relationships. (You can drill down to a list of households by clicking the blue hyperlinks.)

HH summary br


PriceMetrix research has shown that in order to attract and keep the best clients for your business, you have to focus on your best clients. If you have implemented an asset minimum, you can see what percentage of your clients fall below that minimum. If you are thinking about implementing or raising your minimum, this segmentation will help you determine where to best draw the line.