Accessing the Additional Measures in the Client Segmentation Tool

May 15, 2017

Though it’s a great place to begin, there’s more to segmenting clients than assets and revenue. After all, a ‘Platinum’ client isn’t only about those measures. You can use the Client Segmentation Tool in your ValueOne by PriceMetrix dashboard to easily segment your clients with additional measures.

The Client Segmentation Tool divides clients into four tiers including qualitative measures such as “has provided a referral”; “assets held elsewhere”, and even the amount of effort the relationship requires. Adding these to the quantitative data that you import from ValueOne will immediately add depth and flexibility to your client segmentation.

To access the Client Segmentation Tool in ValueOne by PriceMetrix:

  1. Log into your ValueOne dashboard.
VO dashboard
  1. Go to the more menu and download the Client Segmentation Tool.
segmentation tool hl
  1. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and see how easy it is!  (The initial set-up takes approximately one hour, so be sure to set aside enough time.)

Any questions? Reach out to the PriceMetrix team. We’re happy to help!