Working as a Team is more Popular than Ever

September 9, 2016

The percentage of advisors who work as part of a team rose from 50% in 2012 to 57% in 2015, as more and more firms encourage advisors to work together. And it’s no wonder: in our recent PriceMetrix study of teams, A Winning Formula, our data showed definitive benefits to teaming up. Teams outperform sole practitioners in terms of revenue and asset growth, productivity, and client retention by focusing on the fundamentals that drive growth.

How has your business been performing over the last 3 months? 6 months? Year? Is it time you considered joining a team to grow your business? Get a snapshot of your practice using the ValueOne Scorecard to see how well you have been driving growth.


Tip: You can see your performance over time using the drop-down menu under the “My Book” heading.
If you haven’t considered working in some sort of team arrangement, maybe you should.

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